Sex dolls are quite easy to maintain

If you don’t want to come back to a lonely, sordid home after a long and tiring day, these silicone dolls are just what you need. They can be your best companions, without you having to set foot outside your home. Enjoy their company in your own bedroom or have a cup of coffee with […]

Affect the performance of the doll

They started making high quality TPE and silicone love doll and had them built for sex. Consequently, the sex dolls that were produced contained more detailed features – pronounced hair colors and eyes, skin colors and, in some cases, human hair. Thanks to modern technology, today you can get high-quality dolls that can simulate other things like […]

How to maintenance your sex doll

The material of the real doll is a new type of polymer material TPE, which is also called Cyberskin internationally. This material is non-toxic and tasteless, its hardness is less than A0 degree shaw, and its tensile strength is more than 6 times. The skin is smooth and delicate, soft and elastic. The sex doll has various […]