Affect the performance of the doll

They started making high quality TPE and silicone love doll and had them built for sex. Consequently, the sex dolls that were produced contained more detailed features – pronounced hair colors and eyes, skin colors and, in some cases, human hair. Thanks to modern technology, today you can get high-quality dolls that can simulate other things like blinking, blinking and lip movements. Some have coded fleas that allow them to speak and even moan while others have pelvic thrusters and motors to simulate real sex, including orgasm with artificial fluids.

Well, the lubricant should be used in a realistic sex doll. If you want irritation and pain, do not use it. However, if you want to have an experience that makes you feel good and for the doll, take some lubricant. If you do not use a lubricant with the Love Doll, the big problem is that you find that the skin is wearing out. It is not as smooth and not as tight as you like, and this can affect the performance of the doll. You may find that the hole was nice and tight when you first used it, but now it is not. This can really affect the texture and smoothness.

Some may think that all lubricants are the same, that is not the case. Some of the cheap lubricants are not that great, and with a silicone doll you should try to use these water-based ones. This will give you better penetration and you should use it for all cavities, whether oral, anal or vaginal. This will make the skin smoother on both the doll and you. This is definitely something you want if you do not want an irritated cock, and this can help make the doll last longer.

sex doll

Various manufacturers began to develop realistic love doll, using high quality materials from vinyl to silicone. However, the puppets that emerged during that time were considered to be less stimulating in their sexual performance, and this quickly led to many manufacturers having to make changes and modifications to larger and larger things. Today’s sex dolls can give you a business when you need it, but more than that, you can give more satisfaction with some who are designed as a girlfriend experience provider.

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